About us

Learn the theory, not the presets.

Puremix is where you get the chance to sit in on mixing sessions with the best mentors in the recording industry and watch how each of them works while hearing every detail that goes into a hit record.

Mixing is an art not a science and Puremix trains your ears with how the top engineers and producers work everyday.

Grammy award winners such as Fab Dupont, Andrew Scheps, and Mick Guzauski teach you not only how they work but also how they think. They give you expert guidance, showing you what to listen for and also how to find your own sound using their techniques.

Puremix isn't just a virtual classroom but also its a virtual hang, our community of engineers and producers compete throughout the year in mixing contests and discuss real life recording situations in our private forum.

If you want to be the best you have to learn from the best. Learn from the pros at Puremix.com.